Tuesday, October 14, 2014

OOTD : 50 Shades O'Tulle

Last week was definitely a rough one. We all have our moments where we just don't want to put on clothes, answer the phone, blah blah blah. We'll just call it "Me Time" LOL. That was me (life happens). I was on bum status and I didn't care. Eventually I would have to get out though.

Sunday, I had an assembly to attend. There was definitely a certain way I wanted to look because a few weeks ago I bought some new shoes and a clutch and I wanted them to be part of my ensemble. Recalling a gift card I won, I knew it would be a great time to use it. Saturday morning I went to the mall in search for something to fit my vision. Nothing too long to cover my shoes. Something that would get me through the heat. Very stylish. 

Now, there is a lesson at the end of this LOL. I went into Windsor, saw a skirt I adored, but didn't think it would work out. I went around to some of my other favorite stores and I couldn't find AN-Y-THIN-G! After I went around, I went back to the floor where I parked and on the way out was Windsor, ... That skirt was mines. 

In the end, it all worked out perfectly. I loved every bit of it from my hair down to my shoes. Minus my shoes, skirt, and clutch, everything else was from my closet. 

I was going for simple. So on my lips I used my NYX's matte lip cream in the color Transylvania (my favorite, check out my obsession post here). Also that is my natural hair. I put it in a puff and used Creme of Nature's Butter-licious Curls for my curls.

This look gave me to much life. It was as if I didn't spend the days before in leggings and sweats. I'm still trying to figure out where I can where this outfit to again LOL ... yes it's that serious :)

Skirt: Windsor
Clutch and Shoes: BCBG
Blazer: Macy's  (old)
Lippie: NYX

xo, darlings.

ps. I've decided to do a blog challenge for the next 7 days. It's the Feel Good blogging Challenge by the super amazing Alex Beadon. You can read about it here . So later on today there will be another post starting my challenge. I'm pretty excited and I challenge any of my fellow bloggers out there. Something different, I mean, why not!

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