Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#FeelGoodBloggingChallenge : What's your passion? (Day 2)

Passion. It's a hard word for me to describe because I have so many. Choosing one would be impossible. However to make them all connect , I'd say LIFE is my passion.

The only child to a single mother. I was a child way ahead of  her time and didn't even know it. I was very observant and I always tried to find the good in something. I always knew I wanted ever one happy, including myself. I wanted to do so many things that I couldn't (because my mother couldn't afford it).

I think that took a serious toll on me. Now, if I think it up or show interest I have to try it. I have plenty of what if's and now I'm just exploring the things I love. I'm only 22 so there is definitely time. Considering my age, I do feel that I am still on a journey finding my true passion. If I were to give you a list of my passions this would be my longest post ever.  My plan is to simply execute. In my future I just want to do something(s) that I love and be happy. It doesn't hurt to try. My end result: Inspire!


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