Friday, September 26, 2014

OOTD: Make it Quick and Easy


Simply put, I felt good today and wanted to be cute about my goodness. So good that I even included my water bottle from Victoria's Secret. (Hydrate people!)

Showing off leg is nothing new for me. I love it! But I'm really in love with with my tank top. I've had it for a few weeks now (or possibly a month) and never got the chance to wear it. I made it possible today. The fit is so amazing. I'm wearing a size Large and it's still roomy and long. Perfect in my mind.

I also have on a special piece from my new friend DeeDee, owner of Lolita Jewelry. She gave this to me at the Blogtopia event I went to and I couldn't help but love it. It's simple but definitely stands out with the lovely stone and beads (close up picture below). Thanks DeeDee.

Everyone have a great  weekend and stay Stylish!


Shorts: Old Navy
Tank: H&M 
Boots: a random boutique
Necklace: Lolita Jewelry

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PSA (Public STYLE Announcement)

It's been brought to my attention that a lot of people doubt themselves when it comes to a lot of new trends. I admit, I have too. It's totally normal.

But see people doubt and do not attack. But there is a secret to get through it.  Here is my secret for you:


You never know what the outcome could be. I mean, yeah, its one thing to not like a trend (which is fine) BUT to like a trend but refuse to try it because 'it wont look right'...NOT TODAY!

How will you know unless you try it. Take that dare, try it on. Now if it's on your body and it doesn't work, then yes I understand. You can like it from a distance. I've done it plenty of times. Its better for you to know for sure than not at all.

Being that it's now fall, trends are coming left and right so be prepared. Fall is a HUGE season for fashion and styling and it's important to stay on point.Personally, it's the best season.

I am challenging you to Challenge yourself!
Choose 3 daring trends for yourself and make them your own. You can tag me on Instagram (@StylishProportions); I would love to see them.

Let's make Fall 2014 a season to remember.

'til next post. Peace & Style.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

OOTD || Blogtopia 2014

#StyleBunch ,

Considering this mini heat wave in LA and all the sweat I have had to endure, I must say I have had a great weekend. One reason (which the title suggests) is I went to my FIRST blogging event, BlogTopia. I couldn't contain myself.  Especially knowing the lovely Nick Verreos was hosting.

Thinking of an outfit I knew I had to bring some sort of greatness to the table. However, sweating to death was not an option. Breezy was the theme of the day!

I recalled an old pair of pleated palazzo pants and I wanted something totally opposite from them. A plaid shirt, mines was from the Gap (men's section). I also wanted to represent myself. My sass shirt, a gift made for me, was perfect.

At the event, I had a ball. Met so many new friends and the FAB host himself. It was an experience to remember including golden tattoos (my new obsession), make up and eyebrow tutorials, and the hottest fall trends to come. Fall is going to be fabulous. 

Did I forget to mention that I won a smashbox raffle!!!!!!! I never win anything, I promise. When I heard my name, I thought I was in trouble or something LOL. I will definitely be giving the products a try. What a great day!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Such a Girl

Wildest thing happened to me the other day.

Let me know if I'm wrong for this one, LOL

So I was getting dressed to go run some errands and I had no serious intentions on being fly. I just wanted to get it done and get back in my bed. However, when I was going pass my restroom mirror, I had to stop. I thought I looked so good. But this is how I looked:

Now this may sound crazy but this is when I feel my GIRLIEST (yes, I made up word). Usually it's after the prep or simply when mother nature knocks on our door. This time, I guess the whole prepping myself to leave and taking out my flexi rods had my life on one hundred. I've had the feeling before but I never acknowledged it publicly.

Once you find the glam in what you're doing, it won't stop. You'll love doing it. To have that type of confidence is a serious golden prize. 

When do you feel you're girliest? Let me know.

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