Monday, January 19, 2015

OOTN: Around the Way

Sometimes you just have to get out. As most of you know, I do have a job. Lately, it's taken over my entire social life, I needed break and I was able to get it this weekend. A quick outing for a friend's birthday was just what I needed.

Of course I had to get cute. I was at work literally daydreaming about an outfit. Considering that I would be rushing when I got back to my house, I needed it to be a little quick. 

Boyfriend jeans!! Duh!! I haven't been able to wear mines in a while because of work but this would be the perfect time. Plus I missed them. I also have some red velvet shoes from DAILYLOOK (which are on sale and come in black). In a nutshell, they were my focus pieces. I worked a solid black crop top, gold necklaces, and a flannel to complete the look. 

You couldn't tell me I wasn't fly!

The shoes were extremely comfortable! I had to walk a whole block to and from then up some stairs and my feet were not tired at all. I couldn't be more satisfied with them. 

enjoy your week, my darlings. make it count!

xo. Lovely