Sunday, December 29, 2013

22 looks good on Bee

*turns on Taylor Swift, starts singing* 
"It feels like a perfect night
Dressed up like hipsters,
make fun of our ex's... uh oh uh oh
.... I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22"

December 17th, the day I was born on 22 yrs ago... Eek! 
What can I say, I made it!! *round of applause* 

All of my disappearing acts are not on purpose. Just a serious case of writer's block and getting used to being at home without any homework.

Anyways, my day was fun and the margaritas were yum yummy!! I went to happy hour on my actual birthday then bowling that weekend. Now in all honesty I didn't have much thought of what I was going to wear because I didn't have plans... I had the clothes but was still brainstorming how to wear them. Once someone called me I clearly had to make a quick fit. 

The outfit on our left is that outfit. My skirt was made by the lovely CD Blanc and my top is from ASOS , my sneaker wedges are from Lola Shoetique (however they're older so they may have different variations)  .. Everything else is old and straight out of the closet! I wanted to be a little spicy so I let my hair down. (Sassy. *wink*)

My second outfit was something quite daring. I say daring because of where I went... This was my bowling outfit. Bowling in a SKIRT? Bee must be crazy. No I'm just a challenge!! I rocked it! My crewneck is from Forever 21. I fell in love with it, had to have it!

Here r the shirts:

  Image 1 of ASOS Crop Top with Raw Sleeve 1990's Print

Links to the shirts are in the descriptions above! 

Happy New Year Loves!