Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School: Back to Style Essentials


It's that time of year again. Summer has been so great to us, wouldn't you say? But now our textbooks are calling us back *insert baby tantrum here*

While we get ready with supplies and figuring out which website we save most of our money on for books, let's not forget our clothes!

Today I'm going to give you some essentials of my own that I style up, down, and around town. This is just a few things to take in. I'm going to show you a few of my own personal items that can help you out.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Bottoms (Jeans, Harem pants, leggings, etc.)

Let's start with bottoms. Now being curvy like myself sometimes bottoms are not a fun subject. Me, personally, whenever I find bottoms that fit correctly I have to have them! And leggings... honestly who doesn't love them? Let's see what I have:

Now because you're my loves I must be honest, I AM  NOT A MORNING PERSON. I don't even speak. So sometimes I'm so grumpy, I'm just ready to get school over with! The simpler the better in that case. Most of my denim is from Forever 21+ because they are so affordable and they fit me pretty well. As far as leggings, I usually get my plain black ones from target. I LOVE THOSE! They feel great and the price is just right! I always stock up and they also come in gray!

2. Tops

Honestly, it's not that hard to get!
I love an amazing t-shirt! Now this summer I had the wonderful chance to attend the Legends of the Summer tour and seriously who would I be if I didn't get a souvenir?! Show off where you were this summer! Went to a concert and bought a shirt? Rock it! You never know, someone else could have been there and you can make a new friend! I also had a few other shirts to show off!

As far as basics, I go everywhere for them! If that price is right, you got me!

 Button-Up shirts always come in handy because they're very versatile and durable! I even double it as a light jacket. Most of mines are thrifted. So always check your local thrift stores. They may be like a dollar! 

Sweater/ Cardigans
In the fall you can catch me in one of these. Throughout the school year I'm between all kinds of sweaters. I can go from a hoodie one day and a dressy kind of sweater the next day. It really doesn't matter, comfort is key!

3: Extras

There's a possibility that I'm an scarf addict (Don't judge me!). If I like a scarf I just go for it. Stock up on beanies and scarves. They can add so much to an outfit. And to be honest who has time more a cold? Not I!

In the school year, I'm very versatile with my style. However, I am the QUEEN of leggings, a t-shirt, scarf, with a pair of simple shoes (moccasins, chucks, timberlands, etc.). 

All in all, I wish all of you the greatest school year. Keep the focus, stay motivated!

Thank you sooooooo much for sticking with me! I'm enjoying myself (and still learning). I hope you are too.

'Til next post
-Bee <3

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Short Hair: End of summer trend

Hey Lovelies!!!

So I was going through my Instagram merrily when all of a sudden I came across this 

Did you pass out? Are you back? Ok!
Shocking though right? Who really saw this bold Beyoncé move. 

In all honesty, I have to get used to that! I'm so used to her waves && this took me by all surprise! I do not hate it though. It brings her face out && shows ...... HER! And honestly, who doesn't love some more Beyoncé ?! I'll wait....

But anyways as soon as I saw it I started thinking and it kind of made sense. Short hair is coming back strong!! 

You may have seen Rihanna's shorter natural hair recently also. If not, here you go. 

And she fits this. I really like it!! 

Being that both of these wonderful ladies are setting this trend now I'm sure in the upcoming days, this will be going full throttle! 

Personally, I might look into a few styles for myself. Why not? 

But let me know what you all think! 
LOVE it or HATE is ... 
Comment, tweet... 

Smooches, Bee
(All photos- courtesy of Instagram)