Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bloggers w. Good Vibes Award

*happy tears* I just wanna thank Adi for believing in a real one. Style is life! *drops mic*

Enough of my crazy and on to my questions, LOL

1. When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in June 2012.

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging because I finally listened to what people were saying. I kept getting compliments and  asked about if I had a blog. The answer was always "No." Then I became unemployed and I told myself why not give it a try. Better than just going crazy *shrug*

3. What does your blog teach us?
Initially,  it was just at outlet to show what I wear. As I kept doing it, I wanted to able to inspire. One thing you can learn from my personal style is that I make it my own. I follow some trends but not all. Also, most of the time, I work with what I have. Everything doesn't have to be new. Other than that I move freely with my words and I let you take it in how you want to. I'm set to inspire you so that we can all be great.

4. Did it cost you some time to name the blog?
Omg, yes! Me and names ... I don't know what it is but it always takes a lot of thought for me. I had a name for SP and I googled it. There was already a page with the name and I simply let my head hang because I knew the process ... Then a commercial flashed the word "Proportions" on the screen and BOOM! Stylish Proportions was born. 
The day I have to name children... pray for me now everyone!! lol

5. Is your blog design autodidact or contracted?
Autodidact. I'm not super computer savvy but I know I cant pay anyone at the moment. Google have a really close relationship. Oh, and I ask Adi also! 

6. How often do you publish a post? 
I was more consistent when I first started. Now its once a week or every other week. Don't worry though, I'm getting back. Slowly... but very surely.

7. Do you have solid days where you publish or do you do it whenever you feel like doing it?
I have to build a schedule for my posts because I do have a regular 9 to 5 and then some. It's usually on my off days or at least it'll be typed on that day. I keep a notebook handy to keep track.

8. Do you share your publications on other social media sites so people can recognize you?
Of course. I think that's a given!

9. If so, what are the social media sites we can find you on?
As of right now,
.... I have been thinking about youtube. hmmmmm

1O. Do you have different sections of your blog?

11. What would you recommend to us on your blog?
Everything. I swear sometimes I feel like I'm rambling.

12. How much time from your day do you dedicate to blogging?
If I include social media, I say about 1.5 - 2 hours a day.

13. Do you think you're capable of shelving the virtual life right now?
My personal one, yes. Blogging, never! I see this as a way to connect with new people and show what interest me. Whether the connection is blogging, styling, etc. there's something there and I love displaying that. 

14. What positive things has blogging brought to you?
Confidence would definitely be number one. Just the fact of putting yourself out there for others to see and enjoy (hopefully) brings out a newer sense of confidence and comfort. Knowledge. Some new friends.  

15. And negatives?
 Writers block can kick my butt sometimes. There have been plenty of times where I just sit at my laptop questioning what the next post will be about.  The stress can get a bit heavy at times!

16. What is the first thing you look for when visiting a new blog?
Pictures....because I feel mines aren't good enough LOL. I'm so serious. I want to get a new digital camera with a tripod or something. Maybe a photographer... Not sure yet

17. Would you like the blogs that you visit daily since a long time ago become businesses?
Yes definitely. Seeing growth is always great. I love to see growth in anything (people, business, hobbies) because its significance of learning and gaining. When it comes to blogging, I think it gives the blogger the feeling of accomplishment. There's obviously an interest so why not let it expand beyond.  

18. Would you like your blog to be the way you win your life?
I've always wanted to be my own boss. I'm still learning as I type. There are so many thing that I want to do and to get across to other people. Stylish has helped with it tremendously. I would to take my baby to another level and watch it grow and be successful. However, I'm taking my time to learn how to. I think that's where some people mess up is because they jump in automatically expecting someone to compensate them only after a month. Hey, it may have happened before but not for you. make you're own path. 

19. Does it bother you to not receive any visits?
Yes. *side eye emoji* 
I do want to take the time to thank all of the supporters, the Style Bunch. It means so much to me that you are reading this and a welcome everyone with open arms. I encourage ALL, one more time ALL, feedback. I love you all so much!

Thank you, Thank you!!
xo. Lovely

Monday, January 19, 2015

OOTN: Around the Way

Sometimes you just have to get out. As most of you know, I do have a job. Lately, it's taken over my entire social life, I needed break and I was able to get it this weekend. A quick outing for a friend's birthday was just what I needed.

Of course I had to get cute. I was at work literally daydreaming about an outfit. Considering that I would be rushing when I got back to my house, I needed it to be a little quick. 

Boyfriend jeans!! Duh!! I haven't been able to wear mines in a while because of work but this would be the perfect time. Plus I missed them. I also have some red velvet shoes from DAILYLOOK (which are on sale and come in black). In a nutshell, they were my focus pieces. I worked a solid black crop top, gold necklaces, and a flannel to complete the look. 

You couldn't tell me I wasn't fly!

The shoes were extremely comfortable! I had to walk a whole block to and from then up some stairs and my feet were not tired at all. I couldn't be more satisfied with them. 

enjoy your week, my darlings. make it count!

xo. Lovely

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forget the Resolutions

Should old acquaintance be forgot...
*starts humming the rest*

LOL, I mean seriously....who knows that song fully? If it's you, hats off!

Anywhoooo, 2014 is pretty much over. With 2015 right next door (literally), I wanted to share a new idea with you. New year brings RESOLUTIONS. Most of which we can not keep. I'm not sure about you but I'm honestly tired with it! Why keep making them if you're not going to do them?

So for 2015 I wanted to do something different. You know how you hear people say "if I could go back and have a talk to my younger self?" We'll let's do that... but in reverse. I will be writing a letter to my future self. What would I expect from myself for? In a nutshell, that's what will be in the letter. Now the catch is... IT CAN'T BE OPENED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2015. Get where I'm going with this? It's something like a challenge but also a great experience. You get to live your whole year out then see what you past self says to your, then, present self. 

I thought this would be a great way to bring the new year not only to exclude the burden of a resolutions but it bring some anticipation and happiness. 

If this doesn't exactly catch your fancy, my cousin, Jon, sent me a link to another idea. Here at Buzzfeed . Both are definitely great ideas. I'm doing both. I would love for you all to join me. It's something different for a whole new book

I have enjoyed you all so much. I wish you and yours a great, wonderful new year. *kisses*

Stay Stylish. xo

Happy 2015!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

OOTD-OOTN : Birthday Behavior

I gained a year of life and showed out #StyleBunch ... (don't judge me, LOL)

I turned 23, y'all!! *insert 50 Cent 'In the Club' beat*

My actual birthday fell on a Wednesday. I mean there isn't much to do. So when the weekend rolled around I told myself to have fun. That's exactly what I did. I took off from work, booked a room, and went out! So much fun, I recommend it. 

Anyways, I planned my outfits way ahead of time. Well, at least one. Everything else just came. I have to say I did pretty darn good.  

I went lots of different routes with my picks but they all stand out.

My first outfit was for a luncheon. Let me be honest, the only thing new in this outfit was my booties (from GoJane, but are sold out). While cleaning my closet one day, I found my years old Material Girl black jumpsuit. No lie I had been looking for it for a while. I was so excited to find it. I knew it was going into my bag. It still fits great !! I paired it with a army fatigue jacket from Old Navy and, to contrast, my leopard scarf from F21. It was a little gray outside too. I had to protect my neck, LOL.

This is the only outfit I had planned! I knew I wanted to show some skin (just a tad). I've been doing really good with my side boob action and I went for it. Celeb stylist, Olori Swank, has an online boutique, Swank Blue. I found the perfect bodysuit for what I was trying to accomplish. I bought it then (I get super paranoid when shopping during the holidays). The pants are from Old Navy, the RockStar cut (my fave for the curves). Everything else, I've had for who knows how long. It all came out great, what do you think?

This is my 'I gotta go home unfortunately' ensemble. Everything just has to come to an end and after a night of partying, I needed some all around comfort. Let's not forget the hassle of checking out, carrying your own bags, AND only having 2 hours of sleep. Moment of silence for my arms and patience......
Anyways, I kind of meshed the two outfits into one. Took my jumpsuit , tied my flannel around it and sported my gold shoes from Old Navy, clearance! (Can you tell they've been having a good sale? Hint Hint #StyleBunch) I was so comfortable. Style on 100. Confidence on a trillion.

All in all, my birthday weekend was amazing! I had a ball. I wish I could relive it. I made it my own and had nothing but positive energy. That was what I really wanted. Plus my wish to have my #StyleBunch with me. There's always next year, LOL!

Thank you my darling for the love and support.
xo. Lovely

ps. I have to take a moment to and say thanks COUSIN LENA for being my photographer on club night. She's the awsomest *smoochies*

Only a real one can sneak up like that! #StyleBunch meet Lena

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SCW: Tia Mowry

*peeks around from hiding* 

Hey, hey #StyleBunch

I know it's been forever since I last posted. So sorry for that. I'm here now and I'm doing well as I hope that you are too.

Since its Wednesday, what better way to make a come back then by bringing you my STYLE CRUSH WEDNESDAY!! This week I give you Tia Mowry, well known actress and mom. She and her twin sister, Tamera, have pretty much been part of my life (probably yours as well) for ... ohhh I don't know, let's just say years! Making their comeback as grown, married women (now moms), I can't help but follow both of their journeys as well as styles.

Lately, I have noticed that Tia has been giving me lots of life with her new box braids hairstyle, I couldn't be more impressed. She's giving face, bringing sass (with class), and owning all of it.

I don't know what her hairstylist did but where do I make my appointment? Tia has always been a vibrant woman. I look up to her for that but it seems that now you can really see her and enjoy her. Her styles have been amazing with the biggest theme of simplicity, which makes it easy to inspire.

I salute Tia for her growth and her ability to show it with the many titles she does have. She looks great! She's sending a big message not only to the moms but the working women of ALL ages. Thank you Tia.

xo. Lovely
(photos: Tia's personal Instagram)