Monday, October 20, 2014

#FeelGoodBloggingChallenge Day 3: How To

I know I'm some days behind. I promise you it was good reason to. I do apologize for it. I even almost dropped out of it because I felt I was too behind. However, after sitting back and thinking...even looking at the comments in the blogging group... I knew giving up was not the day to go.

Today I'm bringing you my day 3. A 'How To' post. Topic: How to Style Fur

Considering that it's the fall season and fur (I personally prefer faux) being the trend, this is the perfect way to help know how to style. 

These three styles should give you all a good idea for the time of day and also the type of fur (as far the piece). Now keep in mind that fur is a very versatile statement piece. It can be worn day or night. Lets jump right in!


Fur can usually be seen mostly at night. With Fall and winter approaching, I say go for a long sleeve jacket. Not only to be warm but to bring more to what your wearing. Here , I placed it with a printed pencil skirt and a sleeveless tee. The skirt will give the slim  appearance which leads up to your statement  fur around. Once u get to a destination, take off the fur to show the skirt then as a statement piece also. Its a tag team effect with it and that will definitely make you the talk of the party. 

Casual (Day or Night):

This is my favorite. I think you will definitely see more vests than long sleeves. In this look I see more of a day time appearance, only because I placed a boot with it. Make it simple yet stylish with a tee, a bold lippie and jewelry. However, turning it into a nighttime look wouldn't even be a tough task.  You can keep the tee or you can switch it out with a long sleeve shirt but don't make the shirt outshine your fur. Remember you want the focus on the vest. Then you can trade out the boot for either peep toe booties or a simple pump (or not so simple). Think,  movie night. Bring your own sort of POP! Make it you're own! 


Here, I took the trend and placed it as an accessories. With accessories, it's a different ball game. Usually, you have the outfit first then you bring on the accessories to compliment. That could bee the same here but It wasn't. I wanted to bring out the different ways that fur can be presented. This piece would be perfect with a dress. Cut out booties are in now as well. so bring the two together. You don't necessarily need a jacket or anything but for some you might want that extra cover just to add something. Complete with a dark lip and you on your way.

Styling fur is not hard at all. Putting you mind to it is couldn't be stressful. With these ideas, you can take it head on and look amazing at any time of day.

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  1. Oooh, I love those fury vests! Great looks! !

  2. I love all these looks so much! Awesome! :)

    Arica, xxo

  3. Digging the casual by day. Love the pieces you pulled here, right up my alley.