Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello hellooooo,

So I was going through one of my old books (I like to write) and I came across a page that I copied from a picture I had seen... on a blog. I thought it would be so much fun!!

 I got this from here .

Being that it's summer I thought OMG how fun, how exciting!! Even though this is from last year, why not this year? I put the F in quotes (in the title) because I'm the type of person to include all. Big, small, tall, short.... It doesn't matter! Let's have fun everybody!!

Can you do it? Let's GO!!

- Bee <3


Hey Lovlies, 

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- Bee <3

Friday, June 21, 2013

OOTD Really?

So what better way to start the summer than by going..... JOB HUNTING!!

Well that's what my first day of summer summed up to. And YES the heat did attack me. I don't get out much but when I do, I plan on being cute and obviously if I had an interview I definitely had to look the part. Sometimes, however, when it comes to business attire (mainly shirts) there's one place I can count on to help me out, MY NANA'S CLOSET :) ... She always has some fresh patterns that I can match with pants and rock at any time.

Moral of the post: DON'T BE SCARED OF GRANDMA'S CLOSET (hehehe)

Shirt: from my NaNa's closet
Glasses: they are prescription glasses but they are from (English Laundry)
Bottoms: Old Navy; clearance about 1 year ago
Earrings: H&M; 3 years ago

-Bee <3


Well Hi there!!

Welcome to Stylish Proportions! A blog dedicated to simply loving styling and showing it. I'm Brittanee (Bee to most), the creator.

Clothes, styling, fashion, etc. has definitely been a love all my life. Coming from a family that cared about appearance, I never left my house looking any kind of way. Growing up I always had an eye for EVERYTHING (and still do now). My interests could fill a book LOL. But there's nothing like STYLE!

California grown, yes I am. Los Angeles raised me!! So being around people with there own styles and thoughts it stuck to me! People would always say "Your outfit is cute", "Love this on you", or simply say "Go girl!" and my answer would always be the same.... "I try!"

Once I got out of high school, I think that was when I realized style was everything! Dressing, walking, eating, talking and so on. It would always be there and always expressed! I knew I had to be part! Now this is all coming from a Communications major looking to be a radio personality, but why not show the world what I can do? I can put on clothes together, look good, feel good, and have a ball! I want to share that with you!

This is me:

Now that you really see me, HI!!! *waves* :)
Yes I am of a curvy stature but this blog is for EVERYONE!
Also, my photos are from MY phone! I do not have a photographer, make up artist, or any thing (of course I am open though). But as you can see I wear everything when I want to.

OOTD's, trends, styling suggestions will all be included on Stylish Proportions and I love Love LOVE feedback and I'm always here for help with styling!

I'm so excited to be doing this but I am new to this and I am learning as I go, so bare with me LOL

Until next post...
Thanks for the Love
- Bee <3

ps. Thanks so much to Adi, RainDrops, and everyone with their support.