Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OOTD: White Dress

With summer approaching, I promise every store is having an amazing sale! Want me to be specific? OK! H&M to be exact. 

When I go explore my city, Los Angeles, it's clear to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. I went insane at H&M's end of the season sale (60% off, duh ! Who wouldn't go insane?). Anyways, We're had some great sun out here. So it's definitely time to bring out the dresses.

I snagged this little number at H&M (in-store) for only $15! Yes, you read that right FIFTEEN dollars! I had been searching for a short white dress. When I walked into the store and saw the dress, everything got brighter (LOL). It was a great length, very boho chic, and also has long sleeves. The sleeves are very airy and light. They are not tight either, which is wonderful! 

I took a second picture because I didn't like how dark  my face was in the other. Mirror picture it is! I wanted to wear sandals but honestly the way my feet are set up at this moment I probably would've hurt somebody, LOL. I paired it with a cropped denim jacket and some loafers. My hair is a result of the handy dandy curl wand!

But if you can find this dress..... GET IT!! You will not be disappointed.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21
Denim Jacket: I don't remember (years old)

Peace and Style.
xo. Bee

ps. There's HUGE possibility that most of my pieces for the next few posts will be from the sale. Fair warning now!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy ONE!!

Oh my goodness, so if you can't tell my baby turned one yesterday. June 21, 2013!! I'm so excited to be doing this for a whole year. What a comfort for me and I hope for you as well. It feels like I just started. When you're doing something you really enjoy it doesn't even phase you as to how long you've really been doing it. Who would've thought that when I was looking for something different so I wouldn't pass out from my own boredom could turn into something I love and can't stop doing. 

I thank you all so very much for sticking with me and showing love on this fabulous journey. 

Here's to one year and plenty more to come!! :)

Peace & Style.
xo. Bee

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

FEATURE: Let Goo Dress You

So before the week was over I definitely wanted to share my excitement. I'm a little late but I'm still excited.

So last Friday I was having a moment & I noticed I haven't taken a full body picture in weeks. Clearly change was needed but that particular day the only thing that made me happy was pajamas (LOL). So I used an old picture. My white dress (you remember from the Draped in White post) ! Noticing it was Friday, I knew one of my favorite celeb stylist, GooGoo Atkins, would be doing features on her page. So I used her hashtag, #GoosFullFiguredFriday, just because it was a chance. 

and Look:

I was featured on her page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You couldn't tell me nothing on that day. So with the feature on the page it's also put on her website, Let Goo Dress You. Check it out here.

I just want to thank Goo for even noticing me. She's such an inspiration to me and for her to see my picture on social media , it feels good. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you soooooooo much.

Til next post.
xo. Bee
(photo: LetGooDressYou and my phone)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorite Styles of the Week

I feel like I was in style heaven for a week or so. Instagram was the culprit and should get life! 

No but seriously there was a high amount of serving greatness this week and I need to share. Just in case you missed it.

Angela Simmons
A few days ago, Angela Simmons posted this picture on her personal page. I had to gasp for air. The pants gave me life and to match with leather and red. Perfect, wouldn't you say? Not to mention Angela is like a serious fashionista. HELLO!! Her aunt is Kimora Lee.

Nadia Aboulhosn
OMG the love I have for her is so real! As a genuine person, she is amazing. Her style just adds to the love. She's rocking a Rue107 dress and honey that leg is sending a message to the world! Its flattering and lets everyone know summer is coming. Let's show some skin!
MORE LEG!! LaLa looks stunning in this all black attire and is definitely giving the world something to look at. It's so simple as far as color but it still brings the "Look At Me" factor.

What do you think? Let me know! 

xo, Bee
IG: @StylishProportions

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bee's Personal Style Facts

If you've been reading Stylish Proportions since the beginning, you may have noticed a few traditional trends within my style. Some more obvious than others. I definitely wanted to bring them out to you to show what most of my styles are centered around. Let's take a look

- The Bigger the Earring , the Happier I Am
It's no secret that I love big earrings!! I always have them on and it's sort of hard for me to step away. I love them, what more can I say. I noticed that they bring out something in my appearance and I just stick with them. I know that the bigger, the bolder and I just love what that does for me. 

You should see what I act like when I see some big statement earrings! Love at first sight might be an understatement.

-  I Do Not Wear A Lot Of Make-Up
Make-up can be very fun. I love watching YouTube tutorials all the time. For me personally, I'm not sure if I have enough patience for me to do it myself on my face (LOL). I have my own staple products I use, however, that does not include a foundation, concealer, blush, and highlighter. The most you may catch me with is eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, lip gloss, and/or lipstick. Simple right. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against full faces of make-up. I know plenty of make-up artists. When they need a model I would be in first in line and I will be EXCITED! I just know for myself what my hands can do, make isn't exactly it.
- No Labels
Yes, I am one with a curvy stature. However, I do not label myself. When I say labels I'm saying as to identify myself as plus size or regular size or whatever size you can think of. Why don't I? Simply because of whats in my closet. I can't begin to tell you how many different sizes I have in my jungle of fabrics. Some are plus size and some aren't. If I can fit it, I will wear it. 

I support all sizes in this world, never singled one out. I put myself in the middle and support them evenly.

- Clearance
Whoever said clearance isn't good is a LIAR!! I love a great clearance rack. A lot of my clothes are from clearance (LOL). Most of the time when I go into a store I will walk straight to the clearance rack first. You never know what good finds are there. The only thing wrong is that sometimes you may not be able to show where it's from because it was on clearance.

Don't be scared to say 'This was on clearance'. It's nothing wrong with it. It's not for everybody but there is NOTHING wrong with a budget. :)

These are just a few facts.
Peace and Style. xo