About Me

Who is she? 
She is Lovely!

Brittanee is my name, but I prefer the world to call me Lovely .  Los Angeles: born, raised, and still living. Student; Communication Major. Style has always been part of my life. After many compliments and suggestions, Stylish Proportions was created in June 2013. Started this blog as an outlet and to be a source of inspiration for all (size, race, gender, etc.) for style and greatness. Being in between sizes and knowing so many people (of different sizes), I make this to support EVERYONE.  Stylish Proportions is my way of escaping the world and sharing my interest with you all! As time progresses, I am learning and growing. I want this to be an experience, not only for you but also myself. 
I thank you all for coming along with me on this journey. :)

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