Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#FeelGoodBloggingChallenge Day 4: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

It seems like every time I get a request I have no clue on what to say. I don't know why..... Just sounds like confusion LOL I always get through it though *thumbs up*

This is a little bit of me:

1) I will be 23 in December. Yes, I am only 22. My Jordan year is coming. So the plan is to make it great. I don't know what I'm going to do but I do know what I want to wear LOL that's usually how it goes. Outfit first then plans. Yes, I'm backwards.

2) My full name adds up to 22 letters. Sometimes I wonder what my mom's motive was with spelling. My first name is nine letters. My middle name is four. My last is nine.

3) I think I have a slight case of OCD. I feel like everybody does but I'm just acknowledging mines. Its always that one place where you cat yourself paranoid, super careful, and in a routine. In my case, its restrooms. There are a few other places but that's my big area especially public ones. I pull the door twice door twice to make sure its locked. When I walk out of the stall I have to check it at least twice to make sure its flushed and all that jazz. It's wild.

4) I have wanted to go to Hawaii since 5th grade. It started because our last project for 5th grade was a state profile. In a nutshell, gather as much information on the state, present it, and get your final grade. I chose Hawaii. When I did my research, I just fell in love. I had a serious obsession with Hawaii and still kind of do. I just never been. WHEN I finally get there I don't know if I'll even be able to control my excitement.

5) I have NEVER been injured to the point of hospitalization and/or stitches. I'm still shocked that I haven't been in the hospital because I'm so clumsy its ridiculous. I've had some injuries but never needed a doctor's touch for repair.

6) I love nature and animals. I can not count how many times I have been slammed for this. I have always been brought up to enjoy the lovely things God has created and I definitely find it in nature and animals. I love the sun, the moon, oceans, etc. They bring peace to me and even time to think. I go camping every year and every year I get the shocked facial expression followed by "Are you serious?" It never fails. Animals are just beautiful to me. I picture them as children even though most are way bigger than me. If I could have my own animal kingdom, I would take it. I want all kinds, so believe me when I say it would be huge!

7) I want to be a radio personality. I love radio! Especially morning shows. They seem like so much fun. I've always been a talker and I major in communication so I think it was definitely meant. Talking about media, celebs, and fashion ...plus a few personal things... That's right up my alley.

8) I don't go out like you may think. I'm always in. I am a mix between an introvert and an extrovert. I don't get to practice my extrovert ways as much as I would like but I do plan to change that soon. I am young. I shouldn't be stuck inside.

9) I am a Gladiator. OMG! Shonda Rhimes gives me a heart attack every week. I really look forward to the TGIT line-up. I do not move at all, I'm stuck for 3 hours yelling at the TV (if need be). I have had people ask to do stuff on Thursday nights and I simply reply , "I'm booked" LOL. They know what day it is!

10) I'm a sucker for old cartoons.  I have since I was young. I used to watch Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, The Flinstones, etc. faithfully! I loved them then and I love them still to this day. I don't think its a real explanation because I grew up with it. I've grown up, but not all the way. :)



  1. I've got a touch of the OCD too! ;) Thanks for posting!

  2. Ummmm yes!! Glad to meet a fellow Gladiator. I wrote the same thing in my 10 facts. Yay for being in Shondaland every Thursday ;)

  3. You got to get to Hawaii. Maybe you should experiment with podcasting for your radio career. I enjoyed the read!

  4. I love watching old cartoons too, Tom and Jerry is my fave!

  5. So funny you said that about picking your outfit first, then plans. Every year on my birthday I pick out a cute dress or outfit I like before I even know what I'm doing!

    Arica, xxo

  6. Ahhh I love this post! I can definitely relate to 5, 6, 8, and 10. c: