Thursday, June 19, 2014

FEATURE: Let Goo Dress You

So before the week was over I definitely wanted to share my excitement. I'm a little late but I'm still excited.

So last Friday I was having a moment & I noticed I haven't taken a full body picture in weeks. Clearly change was needed but that particular day the only thing that made me happy was pajamas (LOL). So I used an old picture. My white dress (you remember from the Draped in White post) ! Noticing it was Friday, I knew one of my favorite celeb stylist, GooGoo Atkins, would be doing features on her page. So I used her hashtag, #GoosFullFiguredFriday, just because it was a chance. 

and Look:

I was featured on her page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You couldn't tell me nothing on that day. So with the feature on the page it's also put on her website, Let Goo Dress You. Check it out here.

I just want to thank Goo for even noticing me. She's such an inspiration to me and for her to see my picture on social media , it feels good. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you soooooooo much.

Til next post.
xo. Bee
(photo: LetGooDressYou and my phone)

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