Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OOTD: White Dress

With summer approaching, I promise every store is having an amazing sale! Want me to be specific? OK! H&M to be exact. 

When I go explore my city, Los Angeles, it's clear to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. I went insane at H&M's end of the season sale (60% off, duh ! Who wouldn't go insane?). Anyways, We're had some great sun out here. So it's definitely time to bring out the dresses.

I snagged this little number at H&M (in-store) for only $15! Yes, you read that right FIFTEEN dollars! I had been searching for a short white dress. When I walked into the store and saw the dress, everything got brighter (LOL). It was a great length, very boho chic, and also has long sleeves. The sleeves are very airy and light. They are not tight either, which is wonderful! 

I took a second picture because I didn't like how dark  my face was in the other. Mirror picture it is! I wanted to wear sandals but honestly the way my feet are set up at this moment I probably would've hurt somebody, LOL. I paired it with a cropped denim jacket and some loafers. My hair is a result of the handy dandy curl wand!

But if you can find this dress..... GET IT!! You will not be disappointed.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21
Denim Jacket: I don't remember (years old)

Peace and Style.
xo. Bee

ps. There's HUGE possibility that most of my pieces for the next few posts will be from the sale. Fair warning now!

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  1. 3 undies for $10!! LOL That's what I went for yesterday. xD
    I went to the H&M on 7th & Fig though cause it's closer to my place. That dress looks super cute on you by the way! c;