Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Better Recognize: OOTD

"I am, indeed, a KING, because I know how to rule myself"
- Pietro Aretino

For some reason every time it's a special birthday, I'm working. What's up with that? Hmm...

Well anyways, today is my cousin's birthday (Happy Date of Birth Nea) ! She wanted to go out to eat, of course I'm down for the count! Being that I was at work, I had to go straight to the restaurant after work. Thank goodness, I had extra shoes. 

Once the shoes were on, you couldn't tell me nothing! I'm completely in love with my 'Kings Recognize Kings' tee from Gifted Apparel NYC. The words are EVERYTHING to me. I can't help it. I was lucky that everything worked together because sometimes I dress for work and not even thing about what's after that. I have that BAD!

Eventually, I put on my black Old Navy coat (2 years old). Los Angeles has been going through it as far as weather. It was a little chilly out. To be honest I was just excited to have on my coat because I didn't get to wear it over the summer. Weird right?

'Wear your invisible crown'

Til next post.

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  1. Looking so lovely! I think this is a great outfit. :)