Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ootn: Weekend Greatness pt.2

Even tho I did go to my assembly, I did have other plans on the side as well. Two birthday functions, one of which was my cousin's, that I literally had no choice but to go (my life was threatened on both, LOL). Had an amazing time and worked the bodycon to the max!  

(So I messed up the picture, I'll just identify the outfits by dress color)

So the burgundy dress was worn on Friday. I cant tell you how long I've been wanting to wear this dress. I bought it last December for my birthday! Yup, that many months ago. Judge me! When my friend invited me I already put in my head that was wearing! When I put it on I loved it, but I wanted it to be a little different. It seemed very plain. Being that my hair wasn't dry, I had no choice to put it in a puff. so everything came to compliment my hair. I also tried to work in my nude lip combo but I didn't think that idea all the way through. (Story for  another day..)

Now the simple black dress, had me on confidence OVERLOAD!! I was too in love with how it all came together. Don't get me wrong I loved my Friday night dress, that Saturday night though...YES! My cousin wanted us to wear all black. Being my somewhat rebellious self , I couldn't do head to toe black. So not Bee! The leopard wedged came in handy times a thousand. Then guess what... MY HAIR WAS DRY!!! The bigger the hair, the better. :) It was all dandy from there. 

... Well minus the fact that I forgot about the time change and didn't get home until 3:45 a.m. and had to be up at 5 :( 

Friday Night:
Dress, Vest, and Jewelry (All old): Love Culture
 Shoes (old): Lola Shoetique

Saturday Night:
Dress: F21+ (similar , I have the dress in red and black)
Shoes: Local boutique in LA (Old)
Jewelry: Love Culture
xo, my darlings!!

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