Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One day, Two outfits

'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.' 
– Rachel Zoe

It makes me so happy to know that I can be ADAPTABLE. I've been this way for as long as I can remember and I would let it out in little spurts through my life. I think now since I have a blog, I can show it through the clothes that I put on. Yes, that's what makes my happy (LOL).

On this particular day, I had a busy day ahead. I had work very early in the morning and I also had a memorial event to attend that night. Along with all the prep stuff in between, of course. 

Well for work, being very incoherent in the early morning, I went simple. My intent was 'All Black, Gold Accessories' and I was sticking to it. I threw on my hand me down pants and black tee (which may look familiar from a different post, but in a different color) then recalled that the shoes I wanted to wear wouldn't work for the shift I had ahead of me. I went with some leopard loafers I purchased from Forever 21 on clearance. To finish it off, my Old Navy Bomber Jacket (that I snagged in-store for $17, yay sale). 

The evening came and I was lost, yes I admit! I bought the shirt from h&m and I realized that I didn't want to wear it with was too 'recent' (a Bee thing that I will explain later). So at first I was going to be plain Jane and rock a black maxi skirt. I literally sat down for a whole HOUR pondering on what to do because I wasn't necessarily satisfied. Then it hit me, POW! "Wear your Macy's skirt from two YEARS ago!" Once I put it together it was perfect. I was happy! Put on some years old heels from Forever 21, layered on some gold necklaces (which I'd been wanting to do), fought with my braids to style (style inspired by Yolanda Renee of Etcblogmag), and I was out the door. Only thing I bought recently was my shirt.

Nothing like a few costume changes, right?

Til next post my darlings.

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