Sunday, January 12, 2014

OOTD-OOTN : Hooded Denim jacket

Now I feel like everyone has seen this jacket somewhere, some how.
Tell me you haven't... *waiting*

Well anyways I've seen this jacket many of times and of course I was amazed by it. Loved it! But I've seen so many different prices for it, from $50 - $80, it truly broke my heart. However, every time I would be ready to by ( for $50, of course), they would be gone or not in my size! WHACK!!!

Until yesterday...  

Yesssssss.... I found it! IN A STORE!! MY JOB!!
I was definitely excited to see it but I was very skeptical about it because I can barely fit anything (with sleeves) at my job because I have big arms. But courage came over, said suck it up, and I tried it on. It fit perfectly, so you know I couldn't pass it up.

Here's a better look: 
Acid Wash Anorak Jacket, DENIM, large
It is meant to look big and slouchy, which I love. I have a Large and it's still room in it. The link will be below

Now it was $49.95...Being that I worked there I received a discount. I think even if I didn't I would still buy it! Clearly, I wasn't going to find it cheaper so just go for it. It's versatile, it's fun! 

Now back to my outfit:

My friend asked me to go with her BUT (here's the deadly part) I couldn't change my clothes. I HAD TO WEAR MY WORK CLOTHES. *faint* ... okay I'm back... whew! Hence the 'OOTD-OOTN' in the title. Well I just went with the flow. Now before I bout the jacket I wore a denim vest... still went with the outfit. It was cold and a little foggy so I switched up. 

My dress is from Forever 21 (who are having an AMAZING sale right now, online and in store) but it was on clearance. I just looked at the site and the dress is gone. Of course you can use any maxi dress and even add some print to it! 

Paired with a chunky necklace, low Chuck Taylors, and red lips, I was ready for work....and the party (I guess) LOL!

Of course, one drink and a compliment later, I was too cool for school and was completely okay with what I was working .

Morals of the Post: Just go for it and Work with what you got

Jacket & necklace: LoveCulture
Dress: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Chucks
Lipstick: ELF cosmetics

Peace and Style 
xo, Bee

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(photos: Google, Love Culture, & my phone)

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