Thursday, January 9, 2014

You better Vogue!

Work it honey! Work it!

So I'm doing my usual scroll through Instagram (LaDeeDaDee) and I catch myself looking at shoes... These shoes to be exact!

Okay, did you gasp for greatness too? Good! We're on the same page.

Aren't these gorgeous!! The wonderful LolaShoetique  posted these babies and I couldn't resist but post them. They're so fab and chic. I think what really caught my eyes was the Vogue covers.. How clever! The heel is 6 inches, platform is 2 inches (So you're really walking on 4, psssh light work). With all the colors these can go with anything! It can add lots of spice and pop to any ensemble and make it look like a million bucks.

The direct link to the shoes is here. There are other amazing colors like floral, tan, and green. Check it out! (I also put a link to the home page in the previous paragraph).

Til next post
Peace and Style
xo, Bee

(photo: Lola Shoetique)

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