Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OOTD-OOTN : On The Run


Summer is seriously coming and going and it's at the highest demand that you have all the fun that you possibly can before it's over. This past weekend I had the most fun. Why? I was able to go to the On The Run tour!! Seeing Beyonce' has always been a dream of mines for I don't know how long and I finally got to live the dream.

The concert was on Saturday (August 2nd) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena,CA. So considering, that it was an outside venue I knew shorts was the way to go. Especially considering that we've been having wacky humidity. My cousin, Lena, and I were thinking about out looks for weeks! I had an idea but, of course, we would have to see how everything would play out.

Considering that my week was not the best one, my outfit changed about six times.I injured my foot at work so my shoes did as well. After a while, I was ready to give up. Yes I said it, give up. a few weeks before I bought this baseball jersey inspired shirt at Love Culture. I wanted to wear a baseball jersey but I wasn't sure on if I wanted to order one or would I come across one in somebody's store. Then I saw this and I loved it. I put a crop top on under because for some reason the buttons wouldn't stay buttoned. The world would've had two shows that night ... LOL

Layered on some jewelry, popped on the red lips, and I was ready for Bey! All in all, I was extremely comfortable and, to be honest, more focused on Bey & Jay than myself.

It was such an amazing experience and I enjoyed every moment of it. As much screaming as I did, I thought my voice would be gone! Unfortunately, no! But it did rain... didn't stop me or any of the other fans from enjoying the show. I came prepared with a beanie in my purse. *thumbs up*

How was your weekend? If you're in LA, did you go to the show? Did you love it?     

Shirt: Love Culture (NY
Shorts: Old Navy
Accessories: a mixture of a lot of places

Peace & style. 
xo, Bee

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