Thursday, August 14, 2014

The #TBT Project

It's Thursday! The week is almost over!

As we all know Thursday is the official day of THROWBACKS! Well at least according to Instagram (LOL). Who doesn't love a great throwback...hmmm

Well anyways a great friend of mines, Adi, came up with a great idea for bloggers on this special day. THROWBACK POST.... Count on her to make a great idea.

Adi has her own blog Vegetarian Courtesy and yes you guessed it Adi is a vegetarian.

I thought this would be an awesome fun way to take a look at the past of Stylish Proportions and to especially enlighten new readers on how it all started.

So today I give you my #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

If you are a blogger also, join the fun! Need more info? No problem. Check out Adi's post here .

xo my darlings.

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