Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mia, Oh Mia: Style Crush

Now this post is a little different than what I usually do. Usually I come on, show an outfit or celeb outfit, say some words and let you read it LOL. BOOM! I'm doing pretty OK with that so far. This post includes part of that as well as recognition, inspiration, and a THANK YOU!

Everyone meet Mia!

Life & Style: Inside My Glam-Aholic Lifestyle Part II

(Now if you know her. Great and you should know. If not, you're going to learn today.)

Mia is the creator of one of my favorite blogs Confessions Of a Glam-Aholic. I even give her credit for Stylish Proportions because she is one of the reasons why this blog is here. I've been following Mia for at least a year (or maybe more) and I have honestly appreciated her so much.

Recently, Mia did a mini series of videos, Inside My Glam-Aholic Lifestyle. Y'all *my country accent*, when I say I felt like I could do ANYTHING (after watching) ... I mean every word. Mia let's you in and gives so much encouragement  to do whatever it is that you want! 

After watching, I felt like I could swim from California to Africa. I just felt that It couldn't have came at a better time. We all need encouraging words. We just need positivity, period!

I usually call her "Auntie Mia"! That's because she's so down to earth, so inspiring, I just feel that she is part of my family! I love those connections; it does the heart so good! To feel it thousands of miles away, I see it as something pretty wonderful. I look up to her.

So Thank you, Auntie Mia, for the push to keep pushing. Thank you for being open and down to earth. Thank you for being MY role model (through style and greatness). Just thank you, I cant say it enough!

xo. "Niece Bee" :)

(Photo: Confessions of a Glam-aholic)

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