Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer 2013 Trends

Summer 2013 has surely brought out some serious amazingness (yes, that's what I said) to closets all around! You can't help but notice these trends!! These are a few of my favorites:

Bold Stripes
 Stripes never go out of style for me! They're always fun. So its natural to keep them around ...
Here are a few great pieces:
F21 Dolphin Shorts - $12.80

Oasis Stripe Pencil Skirt
ASOS Striped Pencil Skirt- $67.88

Dorothy Perkins Shirt- $69.00

They always seem to bring joy, don't they?
Purple Flower Tube Skirt
TopShop Tube Skirt- $50

F21+ Dress- $19.80

Black and White
Such a classic!!

Dorthy Perkins Tube Dress - $44 

F21 Tribal Print Pants - $15

Of course there are more. These, however, I've seen a lot. They are extremely fun and honestly... who wouldn't love them

'Til next post
- Bee <3

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