Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let Thy Denim Blend

Last night I went out to the movies. Spur of the moment. I went to my closet, danced a bit but didnt know what to wear.

So I grabbed first thing I saw. Jeans, a 2Pac tee, and sandals... sounds ok right?

Then I kept thinking ... Well this is for little kids so maybe 2Pac and the W may not be too appropriate. Eek!  I looked around and spotted a denim shirt!!

Now I was always skeptical about blending denims simply because I never did it and wasn't the hugest fan. I've seen some ultimate fails in my life y'all!! So when I spotted the shirt just thought of Nike and their wonderful motto "Just Do It" ... and so I did!!

Me and my faces. (hehehe!)

I honestly loved how it came together. I wore sandals because my pedicure is fresh ... I felt the need to show off! But I truly enjoyed this look and would do it again.

Work with the trends and just have FUN!! Mixing the light and dark is usually ideal but always DARE yourself. 

It's STYLE, it's YOURS!!

Bottoms: F21+
Shirt: Old Navy 
Sandals: Target 

SideLine; My shirt is really my aunt's from years ago. but plenty of places have affordable and stylish ones. Like Forever21TargetJCP, and soooooooo many more!!
Also, instead of sandals, try a sassy pump like this or maybe this . Dare to be different? Stop the world with these

Hope this was helpful!!
'Til next post 

- Bee <3

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