Monday, July 8, 2013

Army Green, Golden Leopard ... OOTD

Hello my Lovey Loves!!

Geez, feels like forever.
Well I am here, doing well and I hope you are too.

On Saturday, I went to a special event. It's been so hot in California lately and being that I knew I was going to be Inland, I knew the heat would take me hostage. Eventually, I came to the conclusion, "A maxi won't cut it for me," after thinking hard... I got it!!

No lie, I forgot I had this dress. This is my high school graduation dress from H&M. If I could say that there was one thing I definitely loved about 2010... THIS dress is it!! I thought spicing it up with gold and leopard would be quite fun. This outfit gave me so much life that day, even with a few tugs because of my circular back side, it was an AMAZING pick.

These are the accessories: 

My rings are from ASOS (love them!). Those bands are always fun and daring. I especially love the fact that they can be dressed up, down, and all around. :) And not that I think about it, my earrings were bought especially for this dress. Awwww :)

Dress: H&M, 2010
Shoes: a local boutique
Rings: ASOS
Earings: H&M, 2010
Bracelets: mixture and a little bit of everything 
Necklace: I don't remember :(

PS. Do you like my new twist? Took me forever to do them but the other ones were holding on for dear life! Lol

'Til next post darlings
- Bee <3


  1. Love the outfit cute dress and shoes , would you like to follow each other?