Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forget the Resolutions

Should old acquaintance be forgot...
*starts humming the rest*

LOL, I mean seriously....who knows that song fully? If it's you, hats off!

Anywhoooo, 2014 is pretty much over. With 2015 right next door (literally), I wanted to share a new idea with you. New year brings RESOLUTIONS. Most of which we can not keep. I'm not sure about you but I'm honestly tired with it! Why keep making them if you're not going to do them?

So for 2015 I wanted to do something different. You know how you hear people say "if I could go back and have a talk to my younger self?" We'll let's do that... but in reverse. I will be writing a letter to my future self. What would I expect from myself for? In a nutshell, that's what will be in the letter. Now the catch is... IT CAN'T BE OPENED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2015. Get where I'm going with this? It's something like a challenge but also a great experience. You get to live your whole year out then see what you past self says to your, then, present self. 

I thought this would be a great way to bring the new year not only to exclude the burden of a resolutions but it bring some anticipation and happiness. 

If this doesn't exactly catch your fancy, my cousin, Jon, sent me a link to another idea. Here at Buzzfeed . Both are definitely great ideas. I'm doing both. I would love for you all to join me. It's something different for a whole new book

I have enjoyed you all so much. I wish you and yours a great, wonderful new year. *kisses*

Stay Stylish. xo

Happy 2015!!


  1. That's a pretty neat idea, always looking forward. :)
    I'm so excited for 2O15! I hope you have a great one Brit-nay!<3

    P.S: I linked your blog on my recent blog post as one of my most favorite blogs of the year. c;

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