Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SCW: Tia Mowry

*peeks around from hiding* 

Hey, hey #StyleBunch

I know it's been forever since I last posted. So sorry for that. I'm here now and I'm doing well as I hope that you are too.

Since its Wednesday, what better way to make a come back then by bringing you my STYLE CRUSH WEDNESDAY!! This week I give you Tia Mowry, well known actress and mom. She and her twin sister, Tamera, have pretty much been part of my life (probably yours as well) for ... ohhh I don't know, let's just say years! Making their comeback as grown, married women (now moms), I can't help but follow both of their journeys as well as styles.

Lately, I have noticed that Tia has been giving me lots of life with her new box braids hairstyle, I couldn't be more impressed. She's giving face, bringing sass (with class), and owning all of it.

I don't know what her hairstylist did but where do I make my appointment? Tia has always been a vibrant woman. I look up to her for that but it seems that now you can really see her and enjoy her. Her styles have been amazing with the biggest theme of simplicity, which makes it easy to inspire.

I salute Tia for her growth and her ability to show it with the many titles she does have. She looks great! She's sending a big message not only to the moms but the working women of ALL ages. Thank you Tia.

xo. Lovely
(photos: Tia's personal Instagram)

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