Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OOTN: Western Chic, Yee-Haw!

Honestly what's more fun than a themed party. I haven't been to many but all of the ones I have been have been a time to remember!!

A good friend of mines graduated from UCLA and had a Western themed graduation party. Sounds like fun, right? Of course passing up the fun was totally out of the question. Plus, I haven't seen my friend in so long. 

To be honest, I've never been to a western themed party but I have seen some western movies. Clearly, that's my guide. Of course there are the essentials, cowboy boots and hat. I used to have the boots. Smart move, Britt *side eye to myself*. Now hats, I never thought about getting one. I didn't plan on spending much money either.

Shorts were a must. The heat was not going to get the best of me by wearing jeans . I also had booties that I knew would something off. Lately I've caught myself wearing thin headbands and since I couldn't get a hat, I thought that would be a good alternative especially with the long hair. I called it my "Cowboy-Indian" look, LOL. Lastly, my shirt. Remember I told you about me going crazy insane at the H&M clearance sale. I thank the sale for pulling off the entire look !! 

Shirt & Headband: H&M (Clearance)
Shoes: Target (Old)
Shorts: Old Navy
PS. Congrats Ari Sweetheart! <3

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