Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FEATURE: Trilodee Summer Website

My lovely #StyleBunch,

How goes it?

Over these past few weeks, I have came to the conclusion of taking part in any opportunity. Not for exposure per se, but just for fun and experience. A friend of mines, Domonique, or as I love to call her 'Dom Diva', brought a fun opportunity my way. She owns her own fashion line and company called Trilodee.

She posted a photo via Instagram calling all of her custom works for a special photo shoot.

Now two years ago, I asked Dom to help me out with a birthday outfit. I wanted a double split skirt made especially for me. She made it and I was in love. Still am, don't get it wrong but I haven't had the chance to wear my skirt in a while. When I saw the post, it was an automatic 'YES'  because not only would I be able to do something for her in return but hello, I get to wear my skirt again (LOL). I don't get to go out that much so of course I would. I was so excited but nervous because this would be my first photo shoot, ever. Yes, a rookie I am! I'm so happy I took on the chance.

It was so much fun and I even got to see a few old friends. Dom is beyond talented and just by looking at the other works she has done, it's no secret that this is her passion. I still can't thank her enough for my skirt, the experience, and also just being a positive influence as well.

Don't forget to check out her work at Trilodee.com

Here's a preview of a few shots:

A little bit on the style: I wanted to go with something different because I always wore my skirt to the club. I wanted to bring out something different. I paired my skirt with an old crop top from ASOS for the simple or traditional aspect. I brought out my favorite red pumps for the POP. Then to set it off with my Old Navy army fatigue jacket for the 'dare' of it all. Loved it.

Stay Stylish!
xo, Bee

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