Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Short Hair: End of summer trend

Hey Lovelies!!!

So I was going through my Instagram merrily when all of a sudden I came across this 

Did you pass out? Are you back? Ok!
Shocking though right? Who really saw this bold Beyoncé move. 

In all honesty, I have to get used to that! I'm so used to her waves && this took me by all surprise! I do not hate it though. It brings her face out && shows ...... HER! And honestly, who doesn't love some more Beyoncé ?! I'll wait....

But anyways as soon as I saw it I started thinking and it kind of made sense. Short hair is coming back strong!! 

You may have seen Rihanna's shorter natural hair recently also. If not, here you go. 

And she fits this. I really like it!! 

Being that both of these wonderful ladies are setting this trend now I'm sure in the upcoming days, this will be going full throttle! 

Personally, I might look into a few styles for myself. Why not? 

But let me know what you all think! 
LOVE it or HATE is ... 
Comment, tweet... 

Smooches, Bee
(All photos- courtesy of Instagram) 


  1. I think it makes Beyonce's face look more feminine yet still strong because short hair makes a very bold statement.
    The long, voluminous curls is what gave her the fierce look.

    1. You're so right Adi!! I feel the same way about it! She rocked her waves for a while and now to see her with something so new and BOLD like this... Omg , pause life!! Haha

  2. Great post!! thx doll for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Love the BLOG!! Followed U