Friday, June 21, 2013

OOTD Really?

So what better way to start the summer than by going..... JOB HUNTING!!

Well that's what my first day of summer summed up to. And YES the heat did attack me. I don't get out much but when I do, I plan on being cute and obviously if I had an interview I definitely had to look the part. Sometimes, however, when it comes to business attire (mainly shirts) there's one place I can count on to help me out, MY NANA'S CLOSET :) ... She always has some fresh patterns that I can match with pants and rock at any time.

Moral of the post: DON'T BE SCARED OF GRANDMA'S CLOSET (hehehe)

Shirt: from my NaNa's closet
Glasses: they are prescription glasses but they are from (English Laundry)
Bottoms: Old Navy; clearance about 1 year ago
Earrings: H&M; 3 years ago

-Bee <3

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